Friday, January 7, 2011

Woo Hoo! It's Friday

It's Follow-up Friday! Put on your happy face, look and feel your best as you follow-up with people today! Be sure to smile even when you are talking on the phone - trust me, you can hear the smile (or frown) over the phone!

10 pts per contact: Contact & invite customers to your New Idea Book event. You've sent out your marketing email, posted on FB and Twitter, now it's time to follow-up with a personal invite to your event. Be sure to personally respond to those who have RSVP'd to your email/FB/Twitter posts. Remember, our businesses are founded on relationships!
Respond: Comment on team blog how many people you have personally invited and how many have responded to your email/FB/Twitter posts.

20 pts per contact: Contact & invite hostesses to schedule a gathering in January or February. Be ready to offer suggestions for theme parties such as Valentines, Spring Fling, Baby Shower, etc.! LOTS of great new products to work with!!! The more excited your hostess is, the more successful she will be at inviting friends!
Respond: Comment on team blog how many you spoke with and how many scheduled a gathering!

30 pts: Contact & invite your team members or potential recruits (anyone who has even mentioned a  remote possible interest in becoming a consultant) to attend the January 25nd Evergreen Memories Team Meeting
Respond: Comment on team blog how many will be attending - including you.

Just think, if you have done even one of the challenges, you have taken a step to success.  Each step is easier than the first so keep on stepping and sharing.  Your reward is coming!


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