Thursday, January 13, 2011

Team Challenge Day Eleven: Think Ahead Thursday

It's amazing how helpful it is to actually think ahead, to plan and prepare for future events. It takes so much pressure off as you get closer to your events because much of the work is already done! So, here we go....

10 pts: Prepare hostess packets. I like to include the Rewards Come Now brochure along with a
Hostess Wish List, Hostess Check List, Hostess 40 Guests List, SOTM flyers, and an EZ Invite letter explaining the benefits of using EZI, SOTM flyers, current or upcoming hostess specials, and I also include a personalized (if I know in advance) or generic cover letter explaining the contents. I've included links to these forms for you to use or modify as desired. ALWAYS include your business card or magnet for easy reference and a small hand-made card is a plus. (This can be a "thank you for hosting" card or a left-over previous make 'n take project, or a current make 'n take option.
Respond: Comment on this post with how many packets you prepared? Did you include additional items not mentioned above?

20 pts: Prepare new gathering game materials.
Respond: Share a photo if possible or a brief description.

30 pts: Prepare gathering project for January/February gatherings.
Respond: Do you use the cost effective gathering projects in the Online Office? If not, what do you use?

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