Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week Three & Four Results

I must first say, those of you who have participated have gone beyond my expectations.  I am so proud of the hard work you have put in these past four weeks and I know you will see the rewards of your hard work. 

Week three results:
Cindy Newell  90 points
Tracie Cassidy 340 points

Congratulations Tracie, you are the highest point earner for week three.  Please let me know what paper packet you would like. 

Week four results:
Tracie C.  270
Carla 350
Cindy 170

Congratulations Carla, you are the highest point earner for week four.  Please let me know what paper pack you would like for your reward! 

And, if I have my totals correct, the following people will be joining me for a crop weekend in Leavenworth.

Carla, Cindy and Tracie.

I look forward to treating these ladies to a fun filled weekend of creativity! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sharing Artwork by Tracie

Tracie has shared her challenge artwork as well.  You can also view more art by Tracie here
Notebook Cover

Display Board

Banner close up

Banner full view

Spray pen art

Hostess thank you's... same card pattern with 90 degree turn!  Love it!
Thanks for sharing. 

Sharing Artwork by Cindy

Cindy, thank you for your artwork and I hope that it has set you up to do your future workshops and swaps!  To see more of her artwork, you can visit her website here

Valentine Banner

Liquid Glass Resist technique

Artwork Shared by Carla

As a result of this challenge, the consultants who participated have shared some inspiring artwork.  Although I was not able to post it as it came in to me, I am posting it now so you can be inspired as well. 

February Swap Card

Notebook cover

Studio J Layout

Artwork using the spray pen

Display board showing the Spring Idea book paper packets.