Monday, February 27, 2012

Team Challenge Week 4

Week 4 Team Challenge Blog post


5 points per task


Organize:  Cards & Accessories

·         Look at your personal and/or business calendar and create a list of birthdays, weddings, showers, expected babies with dates from now until June.

·         Create accessory wish list from the new idea book, coordinating with stamps and paper packets from previous “wish lists”.

·         Making them easy to find and ultimately use, organize the accessories you currently have. 

·         Organize the cards you have made in a system where you will be able to find and use them for upcoming events. 

·         Purchase envelopes, stamps and return labels so you can send your handmade cards as events arise.  Or order a personalized return address stamp from Close to Heart.

Share your accessories and card organization systems and/or tip on Facebook team page or comment on the team blog.

Connections:  New

·         Have you discovered Pinterest?  If not, take a look and think about how your might use it to connect with creative friends.  If you are currently on Pinterest create boards that will inspire your creativity and connect and follow others who inspire you!  If you are not already on Pinterest but want to join the fun, request an invite from myself or another friend. 

·         Invite friends and family to follow your boards.

·         Sign up for class in your community to try a new adventure or expand your knowledge in an area of interest.   (Exercise, photography, craft). 

·         Look up volunteer opportunities in your community and sign up to participate in something that interests you. 

·         Find a support group or meeting that connects you with people of similar characteristics such as parenting group, grief support group, church Bible study, etc. 

Share how you will introduce yourself when you meet new people in new settings.  If you are already a member of a group or volunteer, share how you discover the passions and interests of individual members of the group. 

Create:  Cards & Accessories

·         From your event list in “organize”, create cards for the next 5 events. 

·         Use a new accessory and create a card, scrapbook page or paper craft that “shows it off.”

·         Choose a card pattern from Originals or Wishes and create two cards using the same pattern but different paper packets. 

·         Plan and create a paper craft gift item for an upcoming birthday, wedding, shower etc. 

·         Use the Cricut AP cartridge in one of your creations above. 

Share photos of the artwork you created this week.  What is your new favorite embellishment?    

Business Builder

10 points for each task

Email Handouts:

Leadership Assessment

List of Training Academy Courses on Recruiting/Team Building

SMART Goal worksheet

Sample Recruit Packet Ideas

Organize:  Recruiting & Team Building

·         Choose one of the following courses from the Training Academy or call from the Listening Library to listen to.  What one or two ideas will you incorporate in your business?

·         Take the leadership assessment.  In what areas are your strengths?  Challenges?  Look through the training academy and listening library and take a course on the addresses an area of challenge.

·         List the items that you would include in an “opportunity gift” (ala Steve Wiltshire) to potential recruit.  Order brochures or create one that you would need for your packet or gift. 

·         Using your customer list and personal friends and family address book and create a list of people you would like to touch base with during the month of March regarding the Philosophy of Fun Campaign:

o   Past hostesses

o   Previous Consultants

o   People who are interested

o   People who are talented

o   People who have potential

·          If you are a supervisor or above, what is a goal for your team in the quarter 2.  Write it as SMART goal.  If you are a consultant, what is your goal to become a supervisor or above?  Write it as SMART goal.

·         Learn how to use the Web Reports offered on the Online Office in Training Academy> Continuing Ed> Advance Reports

Share your leadership idea that you are planning to incorporate in your business. 

Share your SMART goal for your team or your development as a leader.

Connection Calls

·         Write a script that you will use when making calls to touch base with people regarding their interest in becoming a consultant and/or sharing the March Philosophy of Fun Campaign.  See the recruit script handout for ideas.

·         Using your scheduled power hour time, touch base with a minimum of 5 people on your list you created in “organize”. 

·         Post information about the March Philosophy of Fun on your blog and/or Facebook page. 

·         Supervisors and above, write a script and then take time to connect with your downline and discover their interest and goals for their hobby or business. 

·         Set up an appointment to meet with at least one person that you have talked with to get to know better and learn about their interest in becoming a consultant.

·         Continue to make customer care calls, following up on previous connections/sales.

How many people have you connected with about the Philosophy of Fun?  Share your script for calls.   

Create:  Recruiting Project

·         Use the Cricut and new product to create an “opportunity gift” bag or packet that you will give to people as a special introduction to Close To My Heart opportunity.

·         Duplicate at least 5 of these gifts to have on hand to give to people in the future. 

·         Create a recruiting board that you can display at all your events.  This will give a taste of information about CTMH, the consultant opportunity and the benefits you have discovered!

·         Participate in the team swap at the team meeting this week.

·         Look at the events that you have scheduled on your calendar in the next four weeks and create an item that you will make or demo at one of the events.

Share photos of all your artwork you have created this week. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week #2 Challenge Results

Well, we are into our third week.  You guys are amazing!  You are working hard and making progress toward your goals.  I love seeing your artwork and hearing about your organization tips.  I am hoping that this is help you schedule your business time, find routines and tools that help you stay organized, and goals that keep you motivated!  And ultimately a boost in your hobbiness!

Here's the results:
Carla Pizzaro 100 points 
Cindy Newell 100 points
Lalia Harris 200 points
Jessica Booth 215 points
Tracie Cassidy 130 points

Monday, February 20, 2012

Team Challenge 2012: Week #3

Week 3

Week 3 – Monday, February 20 to Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hobby: (5 points each task)

Handouts in e-mail:

Scrapbooking tracking sheet

Studio J – Pattern Details – January 2012


· Using the handout e-mailed in the Week 3 e-mail, create a tracking form for your scrapbooking.

· If you use the computer to journal, set up templates for common journaling block sizes (4x6, 3x3, 4x4, etc. – see how to books for common sizes). Save each file by the size of the journal block – when you need to journal – you can open the file and type your journaling right into the journal block!

· Organize scrapbook layouts that need journaling in a box or 12x12 container and schedule time in your calendar to complete journaling.

· Create Spring/Summer 2012 stamp set and inks wish list and organize into a monthly/quarterly ordering list. Connect your wish list to the projects you will share at creative nights or with your personal scrapbooking/creating.

· Organize your inks and reinkers!

Share how/where you organize your inks and reinkers or share books/blogs that inspire your journaling on the team Facebook group or this week’s blog post.


· Send an EZInvite to family and friends.

· Share the creative project for your creative night on your Facebook wall.

· Post an event on your Facebook wall inviting your Facebook friends to your creative night.

· Invite your neighbors to your creative night - take your creative project and go door to door inviting them to attend. Be sure to get a phone number or e-mail address for reminders!

· To meet new people, find a community event, volunteer project or get involved with a local stamping/scrapbooking group (or create one) that will give you the opportunity to share your creative talent. This is a win-win – you get involved in your community, you get together with fellow creative artists and you have the opportunity to share your connection to Close To My Heart.

Share a tip on how you organize your inks and stamp sets on the team Facebook group.

Share your plans for meeting new people (event, volunteer project, stamping/scrapbooking group) and how you plan to use the opportunity to promote your business on the team Facebook group or as a comment on this week’s blog post.


· Create any Studio J Love Your Layout (except January).

· Create a Studio J layout using a new paper packet (except Pemberley) and the Elegant Showcase pattern from Cherish (pg. 56). Layout should include photos, journaling and embellishments. See Excel spreadsheet attached to Week 3 e-mail for number of photos to use in your layout. (Note: Layout is one of the five layouts corporate has provided instructions in this month’s Studio J promotion)

· Create a classic layout using the same pattern and paper packet.

· Create a card using a technique with inks/reinkers.

· Create a project using the new Colonial White Die-Cut Cards (Pg. 123) using any new feminine stamp set.

Share a photo of all of the above projects you have completed and/or share technique tip using reinkers on the team Facebook group.



Business Building (10 pts each task)

Handouts to e-mail:

· Newsletter outline


· On the corporate website go to Business Management > Personal Business Assistant – click on the Public Profile tab and update with your blog address, Facebook page (need Facebook page url address not page name or your name on Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube information. (Be sure to click the save button!). This information will feed into the upcoming newsletter format by the corporate office when it is released.

· Continue working on your customer contact list from last week. Using your spreadsheet you downloaded and the additional columns you added to the spreadsheet, put an X in the column for all that you know that apply to that contact (Hostess, Recruit, Studio J, etc.)

· Create a CTMH notebook with organization tabs or reorganize existing notebook.   Add and organize the documents you have created during this  challenge.  For those who are just beginning a notebook, refer to “Notebook” document in the email.

· Schedule a Studio J class. Consider using one of the layouts featured in this month’s Studio J special as a hands on project for your class.

· Using a newsletter outline, create a newsletter outline for the month of March. The newsletter outline will help you remember the things you want to include in your newsletter each month. Consider using MailChimp for your newsletters. MailChimp is free to use and has many great tracking features that let you see what your customers have clicked into so you know their interest areas and is useful for you when making Connection Calls. Also, once you create the setup of the newsletter, you can update each month with new information. When the corporate e-mail is released, I will evaluate how I will use it versus continuing with Constant Contact or change to Mail Chimp. 

Share your plan for your Studio J class and what layout you will use as the hands on layout. Share on the team Facebook group or post a comment on this week’s blog post.


· Update your MyCTMH or blog with the next month’s events that need to be updated. (March or beyond) If you are using just a blog be sure to update the front page of your MyCTMH to let people know to go to your blog for information. For an example, visit my site at

· Create March newsletter. Be sure to include links to your MyCTMH or blog so you can begin to track the interest of your newsletter viewers.

· If using MailChimp or Constant Contact, schedule newsletter to send before March 1st.  . If using document, schedule time on your calendar to send newsletter before March 1st.

· Using your phone script, continue making connection calls and track call details on your tracking form.

· If you do not have a blog or would like to change your blog format, go to fellow consultant blogs and make notes about what you would like to have yours look like or change about yours. Look at backgrounds and the format – one, two, three column? What information is included? What does the blog have that you would like to add?

Share your successes or struggles with connection calls and/or where you are at with a blog (Do you have a blog? Do you want to update your blog to a new design? What would you like to add to your blog?) on the team Facebook group or post to this week’s post on the team blog.


· Decorate CTMH notebook or update d├ęcor to reflect new idea book/papers.

· Create the additional project using Lucy or Pemberly Workshop on the Go.

· Create the Studio J Five for Free layout – Twitterpatted.

· Create card/layout using the Petite Perks stamp set.

· Create card/layout using Incentive Stamp set.

Share a photo of any of the above projects you have completed on the team Facebook group.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Great work last week!  Here are the results

Cindy Newell 120 points
Tracie Cassidy 90 points
Jessica Booth 205 points
Lalia Harris 170 points

Did I miss anyone? 

Here are answers to your FAQ's:

When totaling your score for the week, you count the bulleted items.  The "share" is for the "proof" that you are working on your goals and inspiration for others.  Loved all the artwork from last week, way to go!

I encourage you to do the items each week but if you need to go back to an item and do it for the purpose of building from it for another challenge, then do so.  For example, if the item was to put all your family events on your calendar and the next week the challenge asks you to look at your open times on the calendar and schedule.... then you can count both. 

Also, for artwork.  If you cannot fulfill a challenge because you do not yet have the supplies, then you can do it in the following weeks and take credit for it. 

Finally, if you listened to the Dana Wilde call in December, I promised bonus points.  If you listened, take 10 points.  If you have created a "mantra" or "affirmation statement", even if it is not business related, share it and take 10 more points.  (If it is personal, just email me that you have one, take the points.) 

I will share my affirmation statement with you..."I am a CTMH director because I make great connections with people." 

Looking forward to hearing about your week #2.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Team Challenge 2012: Week 2

The last week has been great.  I have seen you all working hard on the challenge, asking questions, gearing up for the next few weeks.  I also am hoping that while doing this challenge, I am helping you to establish routines that you will be able to maintain so that you maintain your hobby/business at a level that is rewarding to you.

Enjoy this week.  Please feel free to ask questions and sharing with each other is always valuable. 

Hobby:  (5 points each task)

·         Organize your printed photos for your upcoming scrapbooking.
·         Organize your digital photos for future printing. 
·         From your wish list of paper packets and WOTGs from week 1, choose, and print the photos you will use for your layouts or projects. What do you do with photos that do not get used on layouts?
·         Plan your journaling for your photos, writing down important details. 
·         List out the CTMH products that assist in your scrapbooking organization and albums.

Share an organization tip for photos, either digital or printed on the Facebook page or comment on the blog. 

·         Begin plans to have a creative time with friends and family.  Will you have a theme, potluck?  Will people work on their own projects or will you provide a project/demo for them?
·         Make a list of family and friends who would join you for a creative night.
·         Schedule an event date and place. 
·         Invite friends and family
·         Host creative night

Share your plans or the results of your creative event.

·         Using Studio J, create the January Love your Layout.
·         Using Studio J, create one of the Fabulous Five Layout Victory
·         Using a new paper packet, create a classic scrapbook layout that includes photos, journaling and embellishments.
·         Use a new technique or stamp set to create a classic scrapbook layout from one of the “How To” books

Share a photo of your artwork on the Facebook page or email me a copy and I can post it on the team blog. 
Business Building
(10 points for each task)

Handouts:  Customer Contact Forms
                   SMART Goals

·         Watch the Training academy course “Spring Cleaning your Business” in the continuing education section. Using the goals from your planning last week and inspiration from the course put them in terms of SMART goals.  Handout will be attached to email.
·         Using web reports create a list of contacts and organize them into customers, Studio J customers, hostesses, and potential recruits.
·         Looking at your calendar, find a time to schedule one or two regular “power hours” each week for the remainder of the challenge.  (And ongoing future!) 
·         Review the ideas for scripts found in the index of the training & events section of the consultant website.  Write a script for the focus of the calls you plan to make this week. 
·         Make a list of and order the supplies you will need for the workshops/gatherings you have planned in March and April.

Share your script for the calls you will make during your power hour by commenting on the blog.

Connection Calls
·         From the Effective Communication list in the Training Index, listen to one or more calls and write down one or two things that you will use/do during your calls this week.
·         Using the script and your organized list of customers, make calls to discover their needs and invite them to participate in upcoming events/ host gatherings. 
·         If you leave a message, follow up with an email, and post on your calendar when you will try to call again. 
·         Use a customer tracking form to keep track of calls, messages, and follow up plans.  (Create your own or use one of the forms attached in the email.)  Highlight the contact date in “green” if you have a money making response.
·         Use a power hour to connect with potential Studio J customers and current customers to share the Fabulous Five Special in February. 

Share which customer tracking for you are using, and how many “green” highlights you have from this week. 

·         Create the artwork for the next workshop that you have planned on your calendar.  This is for the next workshop that you do not have artwork complete.   
·         Create a demo board/layout of showing samples the paper in each new My Reflections Kit.
·         Using Studio J, create the Fabulous Five layout Superhero
·         Using Studio J, create the Fabulous Five layout Victory
·         Create gathering make and take and precut for March gatherings or Idea book introduction event.

Share a photo of any of the above projects you have completed on the Facebook page or email to me and I will post on the blog. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week One 2012 Challenge

Connections from the Heart
Week 1 – Monday, February 6 to Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hobby: (5 pts each task)
Handouts to e-mail:
·         New Products - Page by Page

·         Create My Reflections Paper Packet wish list for Spring/Summer Idea Book.
·         Create Workshops on the Go wish list for Spring/Summer Idea Book.
·         Create month by month shopping list for ordering your wish list.
·         Organize paper in your craft area.
·         Share organization tip for how you organize your paper (in your craft room, for crops, etc).

Respond: Share organization tip and your favorite new paper packet on the Evergreen Memories Facebook group or comment on Week 1 blog post.

·         Sign up on team blog to receive e-mail post updates (new to team blog).
·         Send e-mail request to join team Evergreen Memories Facebook group.
·         Take Training Academy Course “2012 Spring/Summer New Products” (Continuing Education).
·         E-mail your upline your business plan for this quarter.
·         Share introduction on team Facebook (name, upline, when you joined, info about you – kids, what you love about CTMH, etc)

Respond: Share new product idea you learned from Training Academy course on team Facebook group or on Week 1 blog post.

·         Create card using new paper packet.
·         Create layout using new paper packet.
·         Create card/papercrafting item using new Workshop on the Go stamp set. (No layouts)
·         Create card mixing two color coordinated paper packets.
·         Create layout mixing two color coordinated paper packets.

Respond: Share photo of any of above projects on team Facebook group.

Business Builder: (10 pts each task)
Handouts to e-mail:
·         Calendar
·         Goal setting form
·         Business Planning Form
·         Studio J – Five for Free layout instructions

·         Print Goal Planning form.  Set sales and recruiting/teambuilding goals for February and March.  Determine how many sales events you will have each month (gatherings, workshops, crops, new idea book celebration, etc).  If you have already done this for February and March, set goals for 2nd quarter (April-June).
·         Print the 2012 calendar attached to week one e-mail or calendar of your choice.  This calendar includes all team meeting and corporate dates.  If you are using another calendar, transfer the dates to your calendar.  Mark your calendar with personal/family dates for February and March. Include family commitments, children’s activities, church, volunteer, personal fitness, family time. (If you have already scheduled for February and March, schedule the next two months)
·         Schedule dates for New Idea Book celebration, monthly class and workshop dates for February and March.  (If you have already scheduled dates for these two months, schedule the next two months).  Determine open dates to schedule gatherings.  Outline dates in calendar with a highlighter. 
·         Using the Business Planning Form, plan your February/March monthly classes and workshops.   (If you have already planned your classes these two months, schedule the next two months)
·         Create marketing plan for the February Constant Campaign - Studio J Five for Free.  Things to decide: How will I promote this campaign? What will I do to encourage customers to try Studio J? (Idea: Host a Studio J boot camp class!).  Do I know who is already interested in Studio J?  Make a list of customers who have expressed interest in Studio J.

Respond: Share your marketing plan on the team Facebook group or on Week 1 blog post.

·         Take Training Academy course “Savvy Phone Skills” (Master’s Degree > Personal Development) and create a phone script for your connection calls.
·         Take Training Academy course “Getting to Know Studio J” and/or “Marketing Studio J” (Continuing Education)
·         Listen to any Listening Library on Goal Setting.
·         Call and talk to a downline or sideline, or potential recruit to invite to next team meeting (Naomi Connected Hearts or our team time ). 
·         E-mail your upline/me your business goals for February and March.

Respond: Share what you learned from the Listening Library on the team Facebook group or on Week 1 blog post.

  • Create artwork using the new Petite Perks (any paper packet)
  • Create artwork using March SOTM using new sentiment stamp set
  • Create artwork using April SOTM using any new paper packet
  • Create Studio J Five for Free Layout – Pemberly
  • Create Studio J Five for Free Layout – Lucy

Respond: Share photo of any of above projects on team Facebook group.