Monday, February 20, 2012

Team Challenge 2012: Week #3

Week 3

Week 3 – Monday, February 20 to Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hobby: (5 points each task)

Handouts in e-mail:

Scrapbooking tracking sheet

Studio J – Pattern Details – January 2012


· Using the handout e-mailed in the Week 3 e-mail, create a tracking form for your scrapbooking.

· If you use the computer to journal, set up templates for common journaling block sizes (4x6, 3x3, 4x4, etc. – see how to books for common sizes). Save each file by the size of the journal block – when you need to journal – you can open the file and type your journaling right into the journal block!

· Organize scrapbook layouts that need journaling in a box or 12x12 container and schedule time in your calendar to complete journaling.

· Create Spring/Summer 2012 stamp set and inks wish list and organize into a monthly/quarterly ordering list. Connect your wish list to the projects you will share at creative nights or with your personal scrapbooking/creating.

· Organize your inks and reinkers!

Share how/where you organize your inks and reinkers or share books/blogs that inspire your journaling on the team Facebook group or this week’s blog post.


· Send an EZInvite to family and friends.

· Share the creative project for your creative night on your Facebook wall.

· Post an event on your Facebook wall inviting your Facebook friends to your creative night.

· Invite your neighbors to your creative night - take your creative project and go door to door inviting them to attend. Be sure to get a phone number or e-mail address for reminders!

· To meet new people, find a community event, volunteer project or get involved with a local stamping/scrapbooking group (or create one) that will give you the opportunity to share your creative talent. This is a win-win – you get involved in your community, you get together with fellow creative artists and you have the opportunity to share your connection to Close To My Heart.

Share a tip on how you organize your inks and stamp sets on the team Facebook group.

Share your plans for meeting new people (event, volunteer project, stamping/scrapbooking group) and how you plan to use the opportunity to promote your business on the team Facebook group or as a comment on this week’s blog post.


· Create any Studio J Love Your Layout (except January).

· Create a Studio J layout using a new paper packet (except Pemberley) and the Elegant Showcase pattern from Cherish (pg. 56). Layout should include photos, journaling and embellishments. See Excel spreadsheet attached to Week 3 e-mail for number of photos to use in your layout. (Note: Layout is one of the five layouts corporate has provided instructions in this month’s Studio J promotion)

· Create a classic layout using the same pattern and paper packet.

· Create a card using a technique with inks/reinkers.

· Create a project using the new Colonial White Die-Cut Cards (Pg. 123) using any new feminine stamp set.

Share a photo of all of the above projects you have completed and/or share technique tip using reinkers on the team Facebook group.



Business Building (10 pts each task)

Handouts to e-mail:

· Newsletter outline


· On the corporate website go to Business Management > Personal Business Assistant – click on the Public Profile tab and update with your blog address, Facebook page (need Facebook page url address not page name or your name on Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube information. (Be sure to click the save button!). This information will feed into the upcoming newsletter format by the corporate office when it is released.

· Continue working on your customer contact list from last week. Using your spreadsheet you downloaded and the additional columns you added to the spreadsheet, put an X in the column for all that you know that apply to that contact (Hostess, Recruit, Studio J, etc.)

· Create a CTMH notebook with organization tabs or reorganize existing notebook.   Add and organize the documents you have created during this  challenge.  For those who are just beginning a notebook, refer to “Notebook” document in the email.

· Schedule a Studio J class. Consider using one of the layouts featured in this month’s Studio J special as a hands on project for your class.

· Using a newsletter outline, create a newsletter outline for the month of March. The newsletter outline will help you remember the things you want to include in your newsletter each month. Consider using MailChimp for your newsletters. MailChimp is free to use and has many great tracking features that let you see what your customers have clicked into so you know their interest areas and is useful for you when making Connection Calls. Also, once you create the setup of the newsletter, you can update each month with new information. When the corporate e-mail is released, I will evaluate how I will use it versus continuing with Constant Contact or change to Mail Chimp. 

Share your plan for your Studio J class and what layout you will use as the hands on layout. Share on the team Facebook group or post a comment on this week’s blog post.


· Update your MyCTMH or blog with the next month’s events that need to be updated. (March or beyond) If you are using just a blog be sure to update the front page of your MyCTMH to let people know to go to your blog for information. For an example, visit my site at

· Create March newsletter. Be sure to include links to your MyCTMH or blog so you can begin to track the interest of your newsletter viewers.

· If using MailChimp or Constant Contact, schedule newsletter to send before March 1st.  . If using document, schedule time on your calendar to send newsletter before March 1st.

· Using your phone script, continue making connection calls and track call details on your tracking form.

· If you do not have a blog or would like to change your blog format, go to fellow consultant blogs and make notes about what you would like to have yours look like or change about yours. Look at backgrounds and the format – one, two, three column? What information is included? What does the blog have that you would like to add?

Share your successes or struggles with connection calls and/or where you are at with a blog (Do you have a blog? Do you want to update your blog to a new design? What would you like to add to your blog?) on the team Facebook group or post to this week’s post on the team blog.


· Decorate CTMH notebook or update décor to reflect new idea book/papers.

· Create the additional project using Lucy or Pemberly Workshop on the Go.

· Create the Studio J Five for Free layout – Twitterpatted.

· Create card/layout using the Petite Perks stamp set.

· Create card/layout using Incentive Stamp set.

Share a photo of any of the above projects you have completed on the team Facebook group.


  1. Hobby
    I organize my inks using the CTMH ink organizer. I really love that thing. They are just so easy to get to. I use to have them in color groups, but they just never stayed that way. I only have 2 reinkers so not much to organize there.

    I organize my stamps in plastic bins with out the lid. Years ago I just so happened to have a bunch of bins that fit the stamps perfectly. I have 4 total and when my bins get full I "clean" then out to make room for new stamps sets. I at times have them organized by themes (holidays, alphas, etc.)

    I volunteer at Eastside Baby Corner in Issaquah, my goal is once a month, but lately it has been more like ever 2-3 months. It's a great way to meet other people in the community and connections. I also attend a monthly Craft Club and it get to check in with a lot of my friend "customers" that way, too. Or new crafty people that join the club. Just last night at Craft Club I gave out the new Idea Book to excited CTMHer's.

    I have a Studio J class scheduled in April. I am going to use one of the November Love Your Layout project. It has just the right fun things to do, but not to overwhelming. I also am going to show them the layout I did in Studio J versus the one I did matching it in paper.

    Connection calls are hard for me...they just might always be. I can't seem to get over the dread of annoying or bothering someone.

    It's getting to be time for me to do a new header on my blog and I am considering creating one myself this time. I just haven't come up with a design yet. I put my workshops back up on my blog this week. They had been missing for some time.

  2. Hobby
    For journaling, I like to use the basic Who What Where etc but I also like to google quotes from songs or use sites like

    I organize my stamps in canvas boxes from IKEA that fit perfectly! They are really for baby/diaper supplies! Unfortunately, I don't think IKEA sells them anymore since I went to get my sister some for her nursery a couple weeks ago and they were no more. :( My stamps are in there by the color of the package with the stamp images turned so I can see them through the envelope. My inks, I posted on Facebook :)

    I scheduled my Studio J class for April 21 - definitely after people are busy doing their taxes! I plan to use the September 2011 Love Your Layout project. The paper can be for boys or girls and it is a good starter point to learn how to add journaling and gives good details such as font size.

    For my blog, I still haven't taken the time to add the tabs I wanted or a calendar showing my upcoming events. I would really like to do that soon.

  3. Whew...what a week! It started out strong with an extra day "off" to focus on crafty things & is ending with a cold (my head feels like a vice is around it). Here are my responses:

    Share your plan for your Studio J class and what layout you will use - I've made a few layouts for friends (thanks to the special this month) using their photos & plan to give them as gifts. Hoping once they see them, they'll be interested in hosting a class & sharing with their friends. I'll be using the Victory & Lucy layouts.

    Share your successes or struggles with connection calls and/or where you are at with a blog - calls are a struggle. I have had no time to focus on this part at all. I spend 100% of my power hours working on creative & organization tasks. Part of the problem is all my customers are personal friends; so I need to get out in the community & drum up new customers. My blog is going well! I'm enjoying it & feel like it's in a good place for now. I just need get into a rhythm with posting. I love that it's hooked of FB, so I don't have to repost there. I'd like to create/find more of a "header", but for now I'm satisfied. And I need to learn how to "watermark" - not sure that's the right word - my photos with my blog address.