Monday, February 13, 2012

Team Challenge 2012: Week 2

The last week has been great.  I have seen you all working hard on the challenge, asking questions, gearing up for the next few weeks.  I also am hoping that while doing this challenge, I am helping you to establish routines that you will be able to maintain so that you maintain your hobby/business at a level that is rewarding to you.

Enjoy this week.  Please feel free to ask questions and sharing with each other is always valuable. 

Hobby:  (5 points each task)

·         Organize your printed photos for your upcoming scrapbooking.
·         Organize your digital photos for future printing. 
·         From your wish list of paper packets and WOTGs from week 1, choose, and print the photos you will use for your layouts or projects. What do you do with photos that do not get used on layouts?
·         Plan your journaling for your photos, writing down important details. 
·         List out the CTMH products that assist in your scrapbooking organization and albums.

Share an organization tip for photos, either digital or printed on the Facebook page or comment on the blog. 

·         Begin plans to have a creative time with friends and family.  Will you have a theme, potluck?  Will people work on their own projects or will you provide a project/demo for them?
·         Make a list of family and friends who would join you for a creative night.
·         Schedule an event date and place. 
·         Invite friends and family
·         Host creative night

Share your plans or the results of your creative event.

·         Using Studio J, create the January Love your Layout.
·         Using Studio J, create one of the Fabulous Five Layout Victory
·         Using a new paper packet, create a classic scrapbook layout that includes photos, journaling and embellishments.
·         Use a new technique or stamp set to create a classic scrapbook layout from one of the “How To” books

Share a photo of your artwork on the Facebook page or email me a copy and I can post it on the team blog. 
Business Building
(10 points for each task)

Handouts:  Customer Contact Forms
                   SMART Goals

·         Watch the Training academy course “Spring Cleaning your Business” in the continuing education section. Using the goals from your planning last week and inspiration from the course put them in terms of SMART goals.  Handout will be attached to email.
·         Using web reports create a list of contacts and organize them into customers, Studio J customers, hostesses, and potential recruits.
·         Looking at your calendar, find a time to schedule one or two regular “power hours” each week for the remainder of the challenge.  (And ongoing future!) 
·         Review the ideas for scripts found in the index of the training & events section of the consultant website.  Write a script for the focus of the calls you plan to make this week. 
·         Make a list of and order the supplies you will need for the workshops/gatherings you have planned in March and April.

Share your script for the calls you will make during your power hour by commenting on the blog.

Connection Calls
·         From the Effective Communication list in the Training Index, listen to one or more calls and write down one or two things that you will use/do during your calls this week.
·         Using the script and your organized list of customers, make calls to discover their needs and invite them to participate in upcoming events/ host gatherings. 
·         If you leave a message, follow up with an email, and post on your calendar when you will try to call again. 
·         Use a customer tracking form to keep track of calls, messages, and follow up plans.  (Create your own or use one of the forms attached in the email.)  Highlight the contact date in “green” if you have a money making response.
·         Use a power hour to connect with potential Studio J customers and current customers to share the Fabulous Five Special in February. 

Share which customer tracking for you are using, and how many “green” highlights you have from this week. 

·         Create the artwork for the next workshop that you have planned on your calendar.  This is for the next workshop that you do not have artwork complete.   
·         Create a demo board/layout of showing samples the paper in each new My Reflections Kit.
·         Using Studio J, create the Fabulous Five layout Superhero
·         Using Studio J, create the Fabulous Five layout Victory
·         Create gathering make and take and precut for March gatherings or Idea book introduction event.

Share a photo of any of the above projects you have completed on the Facebook page or email to me and I will post on the blog. 


  1. Week 2 Responses:
    Organize -- I organize my printed photos by events and keep them in a photo box (I only have a handful printed though). I keep my digital photos organized by year. Past years are kept on a CD, the current year is kept on my camera memory card.

    Connect -- I am having a Creative Night at my place at the end of March. I've invited people to bring any project they want (paper, sewing, etc). I will also have wood blocks available for some people who have asked to make another set of blocks like the ones I made for the holidays. I currently have 5 people RSVPed yes.

    Organize -- Hi "Julie", It's Jessica. Did I catch you at a good time? I'm calling about Studio J. Have you been creating pages? OR Have you had a chance to make a free layout with Studio J? If they say no...What is your biggest challenge with Studio J? What would you think if I told you that Studio J pages could cost you as little as $2.75 each with free shipping. Continue on with details about Five for Free in February special.

    Connection Calls -- I have my customers information on an excel spread sheet. I kept track of the contact I've made with them there as well. If they are interested in Studio J, or hosting or workshops, etc. Also when I contact them via phone or email, etc. I didn't really have any straight up green marks. But I did make contact with 2 people and had good conversations with them.

  2. Bonus Points: I listened to the Shari call and really liked a lot of her thoughts/ideas. The one I want to implement right away is the branding/marketing using my FB profile picture. I love photography so I think this is a great way to put CTMH and photography together. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but now I think I'll hold maybe the bloom banner or make another banner and hold that in the picture and post to my profile page. Maybe I'll keep that theme and change pictures up with a new banner every so often....

  3. Hobby: Organize - For my printed pictures, I took the photo envelope (which are in boxes) and separated the ones I wanted to actually scrapbook. I then slipped in a colored piece of paper and put the ones that I will not scrapbook behind it.

    For my digital pictures, I copied the pictures I want to print into a separate folder. I named the folder the B&T paper I will use and jotted down a brief description of what is in teh folder.

    For photos that I printed but don't get used, I put them in flip flaps with the scrapbook page in case I want to use them in future.

    Going to have a creative afternoon/evening to catch up on recent photos - try to get as many layouts done as possible for the busy working moms I know! I am going to see if they are interested in doing a Rock the Block type layout (since you can do so many different pictures on it) or I will have materials and layouts they can template off of.

    More Oranization: I like to use the CTMH work in progress album to keep my pages organized until I get them in a real album!