Monday, February 27, 2012

Team Challenge Week 4

Week 4 Team Challenge Blog post


5 points per task


Organize:  Cards & Accessories

·         Look at your personal and/or business calendar and create a list of birthdays, weddings, showers, expected babies with dates from now until June.

·         Create accessory wish list from the new idea book, coordinating with stamps and paper packets from previous “wish lists”.

·         Making them easy to find and ultimately use, organize the accessories you currently have. 

·         Organize the cards you have made in a system where you will be able to find and use them for upcoming events. 

·         Purchase envelopes, stamps and return labels so you can send your handmade cards as events arise.  Or order a personalized return address stamp from Close to Heart.

Share your accessories and card organization systems and/or tip on Facebook team page or comment on the team blog.

Connections:  New

·         Have you discovered Pinterest?  If not, take a look and think about how your might use it to connect with creative friends.  If you are currently on Pinterest create boards that will inspire your creativity and connect and follow others who inspire you!  If you are not already on Pinterest but want to join the fun, request an invite from myself or another friend. 

·         Invite friends and family to follow your boards.

·         Sign up for class in your community to try a new adventure or expand your knowledge in an area of interest.   (Exercise, photography, craft). 

·         Look up volunteer opportunities in your community and sign up to participate in something that interests you. 

·         Find a support group or meeting that connects you with people of similar characteristics such as parenting group, grief support group, church Bible study, etc. 

Share how you will introduce yourself when you meet new people in new settings.  If you are already a member of a group or volunteer, share how you discover the passions and interests of individual members of the group. 

Create:  Cards & Accessories

·         From your event list in “organize”, create cards for the next 5 events. 

·         Use a new accessory and create a card, scrapbook page or paper craft that “shows it off.”

·         Choose a card pattern from Originals or Wishes and create two cards using the same pattern but different paper packets. 

·         Plan and create a paper craft gift item for an upcoming birthday, wedding, shower etc. 

·         Use the Cricut AP cartridge in one of your creations above. 

Share photos of the artwork you created this week.  What is your new favorite embellishment?    

Business Builder

10 points for each task

Email Handouts:

Leadership Assessment

List of Training Academy Courses on Recruiting/Team Building

SMART Goal worksheet

Sample Recruit Packet Ideas

Organize:  Recruiting & Team Building

·         Choose one of the following courses from the Training Academy or call from the Listening Library to listen to.  What one or two ideas will you incorporate in your business?

·         Take the leadership assessment.  In what areas are your strengths?  Challenges?  Look through the training academy and listening library and take a course on the addresses an area of challenge.

·         List the items that you would include in an “opportunity gift” (ala Steve Wiltshire) to potential recruit.  Order brochures or create one that you would need for your packet or gift. 

·         Using your customer list and personal friends and family address book and create a list of people you would like to touch base with during the month of March regarding the Philosophy of Fun Campaign:

o   Past hostesses

o   Previous Consultants

o   People who are interested

o   People who are talented

o   People who have potential

·          If you are a supervisor or above, what is a goal for your team in the quarter 2.  Write it as SMART goal.  If you are a consultant, what is your goal to become a supervisor or above?  Write it as SMART goal.

·         Learn how to use the Web Reports offered on the Online Office in Training Academy> Continuing Ed> Advance Reports

Share your leadership idea that you are planning to incorporate in your business. 

Share your SMART goal for your team or your development as a leader.

Connection Calls

·         Write a script that you will use when making calls to touch base with people regarding their interest in becoming a consultant and/or sharing the March Philosophy of Fun Campaign.  See the recruit script handout for ideas.

·         Using your scheduled power hour time, touch base with a minimum of 5 people on your list you created in “organize”. 

·         Post information about the March Philosophy of Fun on your blog and/or Facebook page. 

·         Supervisors and above, write a script and then take time to connect with your downline and discover their interest and goals for their hobby or business. 

·         Set up an appointment to meet with at least one person that you have talked with to get to know better and learn about their interest in becoming a consultant.

·         Continue to make customer care calls, following up on previous connections/sales.

How many people have you connected with about the Philosophy of Fun?  Share your script for calls.   

Create:  Recruiting Project

·         Use the Cricut and new product to create an “opportunity gift” bag or packet that you will give to people as a special introduction to Close To My Heart opportunity.

·         Duplicate at least 5 of these gifts to have on hand to give to people in the future. 

·         Create a recruiting board that you can display at all your events.  This will give a taste of information about CTMH, the consultant opportunity and the benefits you have discovered!

·         Participate in the team swap at the team meeting this week.

·         Look at the events that you have scheduled on your calendar in the next four weeks and create an item that you will make or demo at one of the events.

Share photos of all your artwork you have created this week. 


  1. Week 4:
    I keep all my cards in a big plastic bin. They are sorted by holiday/congrats/birthday, etc. When I make a new card I toss it in there.
    My accessories are either in a drawer by embellishment or ribbon or they are in craft jars stored in my CTMH embellishment case (I have two of those).

    I honestly am terrible at including my CTMH life in my introduction to people. I am working on my 30 sec. commercial and doing better (remembering) to include it when I meet people. I meet people through my Moms group and my MOPS group. I find that over time as we get to know each other better I learn about people who like to craft or want to craft. When they find out I do the discussion goes from there.

    My new favorite embellishment is either bakers twine or the wooden shapes.

    My smart goal is to reach out to my downlines. They all live in different states and one of them I've never even met before. I often don't get a response from them, so I will continue to reach out and see if I can get them to share their CTMH goals with me. So I can better help them if they want.

    I've connected with one person about the March Special. She expressed interested in being a consultant last year some time. I asked her if she had a cricut....that was how I started the conversation. Since I figured if she didn't she wouldn't care about the special, but if she did it would spark interest. It worked!

  2. I completed a few HOBBY tasks this week:
    Organize - I went to the Dollar Store today & bought some nifty see-thru containers to keep my cards in. I used my label maker to clearly mark them & I can see/reach them easily on my shelf (photo on FB).
    Create - My new favorite embellishment is the bakers twine -- love it! I added it to my mini banner (photo on FB).

    Organize -I watched the Share Your Passion course; I'm going to focus on what my customers tell me is important for them & wear something to identify me as a CTMH consultant when I do workshops (I got one of the free aprons last year, so I'm going to start wearing it).

    Connection - I've reached out to 2 people about the special. Here is my script:
    "Hi Suzie, this is Tracie your CTMH consultant.

    I wanted to let you know that Close To My Heart is having a great special this month for people who join. I know in the past you’ve asked me about the business opportunity, and I thought you’d want to know about it.

    If you already have the Cricut AP or aren't interested in a cutting system, you can choose $100 in other select products. So you're basically get $100 FREE stuff this month for becoming a consultant!

    I'd love to meet with you in person and share information with you about starting your own home-based papercrafting and stamping business. Is there a good time this week we can get together to chat?"

    Create - I really wanted to complete the "opportunity gift", but since I missed that call I really wasn't sure what it was all about? Hoping someone can fill me in & I'll complete it for next week...I'm thinking I want to do something with tea & candles.

    Feels really good to have my workshop project for this month DONE almost 2 weeks ahead of time! :)