Monday, March 5, 2012

Team Challenge: Week 5

Week 5 Team Challenge Blog post


5 points per task


·        Photo - Page protector cardstock organization

Organize:  Paper packets & Cardstock

·         Update your month by month shopping list for ordering.  Be sure to add those “now I gotta have” stamp sets and paper packets that you did not think you would need!

·         Using the photo e-mailed in the Week 5 e-mail as a suggestion, create some organization page protectors for your zip strips.  Organize your colored cardstock.

·         Continue organizing paper in your craft area.

·         Continue organizing accessories in your craft area.

·         Using the scrapbook layouts you have set aside for journaling, add journaling to layout(s).

Share your accessories and cardstock organization on the team Facebook group or comment on the team blog.

Connect:  Online & Facebook

·         If you are not already a part of our team Facebook group, send me a friend request (Chris Green) and I will add you to the group.  If you are on the team Facebook group, share a creative idea or a creative resource.

·         Create a list of your “go to” blogs that inspire you when you need a creative boost.  Share your list on FB or comment on blog. 

·         Find me on Pinterest and follow a board (or two J)

·         Go to Jeanette Lynton’s blog ( and find a creative idea.  Share what you found and how you will use it on the team Facebook group.

·         Go to the Studio J blog, find a blog post that inspires you.

Share a creative idea or blog post that inspired you from Jeanette’s or Studio J blog.


·         Create a layout using any Workshops on the Go layout pattern with a different paper packet.

·         Choose a card pattern from Wishes and create 2 cards with different orientations of the same pattern using 2 paper packets (different from previous weeks challenge)

·         Create a box or bag using Art Philosophy cartridge with any key EXCEPT the box pattern keys.

·                                 Create a card using a layered element using the Art Philosophy cartridge.

·                                 Create a layout or card using the alphabet on the Art Philosophy cartridge.

Share photos of all the artwork you created this week on the team Facebook group. 

Business Builder

10 points for each task

Email Handouts:

·         2012 Team Member Sales & Recruiting

·         28 Ways to Recruit by Karen Pedersen

·         Making Money with Close To My Heart

·         One Key Projects by Tera Boring

Organize:  Hostesses & Recruits

·         Using the 2012 Team Member Sales & Recruiting and your commission report from January & February, write your team members sales and recruiting for the month of January.  Go to your reports from last year and fill in the previous year’s sales.  If you do not have a team, do your commissions.  What are some of the events that may affects your sales?  Season, Campaigns, Vacations, etc? 

·         Print flyers for March (Constant Campaign, Stamp of the Month, etc) and prepare hostess packets for the next two months.

·         Schedule dates for monthly class and workshop dates for April and May.  (If you have already scheduled dates for these two months, schedule the next two months).  Determine open dates to schedule gatherings.  Outline dates in calendar with a highlighter. 

·         Organize crop or other event for National Scrapbooking Month. Select date, determine theme and cost.  Successful events require time to plan and prepare.  I recommend at least 8 weeks preferably 12 weeks.  Four weeks for planning and creating and 4-8 weeks to market the event.

·         Using the “28 Ways to Recruit” by Karen Pedersen, create a list of what will work for you in your business to share the opportunity to someone to have them join as a consultant.

Connect: Web & Social Media

·         Create Facebook business page and send invitation to your family, friends and customers to like your page.

·         Listen to “Social Media Magic” by Karen Clark in the Listening Library.  Refer to the handout for this call in this week’s e-mail.

·         Continue making connection calls with customers, potential recruits or places where you are hoping to schedule an event.    

·         Using the list you created last week, make calls this week to schedule an interview to share the opportunity with Close To My Heart.

·         Read “Making Money with Close To My Heart”.  Set a promotion goal for 2012.

Share an idea from the “Social Media Magic” call, your promotion goal for 2012 and your Facebook business page on the team Facebook group.


·         Create thank you cards for hostesses for the next 3 months.

·         Create booking gifts for your open gathering dates for the month of April.  (In a few weeks we will have you create for May once we know the special for National Scrapbooking Month)

·         Create a demo board for the AP Cricut Cartridge.  You can use the One-Key Art Philosophy class by Tera Boring or create your own. 

·         Create artwork using the April or May stamp of the month with any new paper packet.

·         Create hands on project for gatherings for the month of April.

Share photos of all your artwork you have created this week on the team Facebook group.

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  1. Week 5
    I keep all my cardstock in 12x12 zip baggies, mostly by one main color or if I just have a few sheets then by "seasons". Then they all go into a big basket next to my paper packets.

    I found some great ideas on the Studio J blog. I loved the layout that had a wood grain look to it and the one that was done it grays and white. Gotta love pinterest! I could quickly pin it to my boards and save my ideas there.

    I think sales get effected by long holidays like spring break or christmas. People are busy doing other things and don't read newsletters, go to workshops, etc.

    I loved the lists that Karen talked about on the Social Media Magic call. Organizing FB by lists so when you make an event or send something out that would make it so much faster. I tried to do it, but was confused on how. I need to give it another look.