Monday, March 26, 2012

Week Eight Team Challenge

This is the final week of the challenge.  Part of the work this week is to evaluate your progress and provide feedback.  Chris and I will also use this feedback for future challenge planning and do appreciate your constructive ideas...and hearing about your successes!  Have a great week.   


5 points each task

Organize:  Party time

·         Summer is coming.  Anticipate the parties, BBQ’s, family reunions and holidays ahead.  Put the dates on the calendar, even if tentative.

·         Create a list of party items that you can make with your paper crafting talents or hostess gifts if you are attending a party.

·         Browse Pinterest for party theme/planning ideas.  Pin a minimum of five items to a board.  (You can see a sample of this on my Tea Party board.

·         Plan an order so you can obtain Dotty for You Papers during the consultant preview period.  Are there stamp sets, cardstock papers, or embellishments that you would like to purchase for your play time with this paper?

·         Print out the Dotty for You flyer and put it in your idea book or binder for reference. 

Share a party idea on the Facebook page or blog.

New Connections:

  • Continue to plan a creative event with friends and family and even new friends for Nat’l Scrapbooking month.  Share the Dotty for You Special with family and friends.
  • Spend some time on Pinterest looking for cards or projects you could make with your Dotty for You paper.  Create a board for these ideas. 

·         Find an opportunity in your community where you can volunteer you time or something tangible.  Look at this as a way of also meeting new people and making new connections.

·         Include your creative time event in the personalization part of your newsletter. 

What will your plans be for National Scrapbooking Month event? 

Create:  Cards & Accessories

·         Create a layout using the 6x6 Flip Flaps.

·         Create an item that you will use for a summer event.

·         Create a card, mini album or other project using the Kraft die cut cards. 

·         Create any layout with Studio J

·         Create a card or layout using the Dotty For You paper kit.

Share your artwork on Facebook or email a photo and I will post on the blog.

Business Builder

10 point per task

Email Handouts:

Goal Planning Form

Organize:  Business Planning

©       Take some time to look at your calendar for the next quarter.  Schedule dates for monthly class and workshop dates for April, May & June. (If you have already scheduled dates for these two months, schedule the next two months). Determine open dates to schedule gatherings. Outline dates in calendar with a highlighter.

©       Evaluate the goals that you set in the first week of the challenge.  What were your successes?  Did you meet your goals?  Exceed your goals?  On your calendar for the past 7 weeks or if you kept notes, highlight or circle in green the connections and activities that produced sales/income.  What were your challenges and why you weren’t able to meet goals?

©       Goal setting (2nd Quarter) Print Goal Planning form. Set sales and recruiting/teambuilding goals for April, May & June. Determine how many sales events you will have each month (gatherings, workshops, crops, national scrapbook month celebration, etc). If you have already done this for 2nd quarter, sketch out goals for 3rd quarter (July-Sept).

©       Continue to plan National Scrapbooking event, include the information in your newsletter. 

©       If you have new recruits this month, sketch out a coaching plan with each recruit, what are their goals for 2nd quarter, how will you support them?

©       As the challenge comes to a close, assess what activities have been successful and sales/income producing.  (From goal evaluation above)  What will you continue to do on a regular basis and how frequently?  Schedule CTMH “work” time in your weekly calendar to maintain a level of productivity that is realistic to your goals and the rest of your life. 

Share your evaluation of your goals, your new goals, and the challenge overall on the blog or in an email to your upline.

Connect:  Web & Social Media

©       Post information, set up an event or share artwork about the Dotty for You Special coming in April.

©       Add a post to your blog about the upcoming Dotty for You Special

©       Pre-schedule a week of posts to your blog featuring the artwork you have made during the challenge or will make this week.

©       Update your contact list in Order Entry and import your addresses for the CTMH newsletter.

©       Make a list of customers who you want to contact about National Scrapbooking month event/special. , write a script for National Scrapbooking Month event and /or special.  Make your connection calls.

Share how the challenge has helped you with your business during this challenge? 

Create:  Business Building

©       Create a card or layout using the May SOTM

©       Create a card or layout using the June SOTM

©       Create a demo board for Dotty for You special.

©       Create the Love Your Layout for March on Studio J.

©       Create a customer goodie or gift for Nat’l Scrapbook month. 

©       Watch the CTMH video about the Sweet Surprises card kit.  How would you use this kit?  What would you put in the treat cup besides candy?

Post a photo of all your artwork on Facebook or email me a photo to post on blog.

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  1. Week 8
    I'm in love with the tea party idea. It just so much fun! I don't know exactly when I'll use it, but I LOVE the idea. I also think a "summer fun" or "hot in the sun" theme would be great for summer time.

    I was going to have a workshop/crop, but reconsidering since I already have a workshop and a digital scrapbooking class in April. But still am considering. 3 events in one month is alot, plus the beginning of May I have a vendor fair at my house. Lots going on.

    I didn't have any time to create this week with a super sick kiddo. My scheduled create time was effected by that. BUT I did still pull of my Creative Night Saturday evening.

    I think my big success was spreading the word about my workshops. I had a lot of interest in Creative Night and those that couldn't attend want to attend other events in the future. I continue to have challenges booking gatherings and having new orders/customers. I'm evaluating my passion and interest and I think I'm having problems moving in the direction more because I just don't like it as much. I loved the challenge because I had very structure goals that I could implement. I truly learned a lot over the last 8 weeks and pushed myself in all kinds of new directions. I worked really hard and was able to manage my family and CTMH pretty well. My upcoming goals are to continue to grow my workshop customers and continue to work towards getting gatherings and new customer orders.

    The challenge has helped me with my business by learning more about direct sales and helping me to step out of my comfort zone as well as challenging me to find more time in my life to work my CTMH business.