Monday, March 12, 2012

Team Challenge Week #6

Organize:  Scrapbooking
·         Last month you organized your digital photos and printed them.  Now, with those printed photos, create layout packets with the photos, paper pack, journaling notes and even layout pattern from How To book or WOTG.  Now you are ready to crop on the go!
·         Put together the photos and products to create a mini album.  Will it be for you or a gift? 
·         From the layouts you journalled on last week, put them in a permanent album or “in progress” album.  Also include any Studio J layouts you have ordered.  Do you use CTMH albums?  Work in Progress Album?
·         Develop a way to “label” your albums from the outside so you can tell what you will be looking at from the outside.  Do you use our label holders?  Do you need to order some page protectors?  New album? 
·         Create a list of products needed to “finish” these layouts and put them in the albums

Share your tips for getting ready for crops or scrapbooking “away from home”.

Connect:  Family & Friends
·         Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and end of school year are just around the corner.  Plan a creative get together to make decorations or gifts for one or more of these special events. 
·         Make a list of people you want to invite to your creative night.  Add 5 new people to your list that you have connected with this past month.
·         Send out invitations to friends, family, and neighbors to join you for the creative time. 
·         Post a photo of your project on Facebook or Blog.  Or email a photo to your friends.
·         National Scrapbooking Month is coming up.  Look for local crops to attend with friends and family or consider hosting a small get together with friends.
Share:  Will you attend or hold a crop for National Scrapbooking Month?  What project will you be doing with your friends and family?

Create:  Scrapbooking
·         Create the Studio J - February Love Your Layout
·         Use Studio J to preplan a layout and then create the layout with your classic scrapbook paper
·         Create a layout with a new paper packet from the Spring/Summer Idea book
·         Using stamps, create your own patterned paper and then use on a layout.
·         Flip flaps add interactive interest to your layout.  Create a page using flip flaps from any of the CTMH size selections. 

Share your artwork on the team Facebook page or email a photo to me and I will post on the team blog. 

Email Handouts:
“A” Size stamp club
Reap the Rewards Stamp Club
One Key Projects by Tera Boring
Organize:  Sales
·         Clubs are a great way to develop loyalty and consistent business.  Consider the options of starting a club or if you have a club, create a plan for adding new members or a new club.

·         Selling:  One of the things that we DO in our business EVERY DAY is Sell Products that we LOVE!  One thing that we must remember to DO is to not just give the obvious- this is how you USE this product, but also to give its BENEFITS.  IE.. If we Sold Shampoo - Instead of telling them the Wash, rinse, repeat ~ Tell them that that it makes your hair smell like fresh cut flowers... THREE DAYS LATER!!!  We have THOUSANDS of Products...:)   Pick ONE of them and share what the "Benefits" are - how do you "Sell it" to others???

·         Choose three products that you commonly sell and list the companion products for upselling.  Write a sample script of how you would upsell the item or items.

·         Create drafts or schedule blog posts for all of the Stamp of the Months for the Spring Summer Idea book.  You may not have all the details you would like for your post (your own artwork) but use images from the image gallery and the flyers to begin your posts. 

·         Make a contact list of customers who have not yet received the new idea book, and customers who have made a purchase from a gathering or workshop in the past three months.

Share your product and the “benefits” you listed on the FB page.  Share your upselling ideas for the products you commonly sell.
Connection Calls
  • Write a script to contact customers from your list above, telling them about the new idea book. 
  • Make connection calls to these customers.
  • Write a customer follow up script with customers who have made a purchase from a gathering or workshop in the past three months.
  • Make follow up calls to these customers.
  • Schedule blog posts or newsletter articles that highlight your “product benefit” and “upsell” ideas from above.
  • Continue to make connection calls from your list last week of potential recruits.

Comment on Facebook how many connection calls you have been making and the results of these calls.
Create:  Product highlights
  • Create a Cricut display board that highlights the benefits of the Art Philosophy cartridge.  This can be your own creation or replicating the ideas from Tera Boring’s One Key Handouts.
·         Create a set of mini cards using an A sized stamp set.  Write down the “benefits” of these little sets and an upsell item you might recommend.
·         Create a Studio J layout using one or more of the techniques from the “Fun Studio J” techniques posted last week on the Studio J Facebook page.
·         Create a “welcome” for your new recruits. 
·         Using the My Creations Milk Cartons, Bookmark album or other My Creations product, create a workshop project. 
Share photos of your artwork. 


  1. Week 6 (I'm EXHAUSTED!) :)

    Organize -- When I go on my scrapbooking retreat I make sure my pictures are in groups of how I want to scrap them. Then I make sure I have papers that I need. I have a friend who makes "kits" with paper, embellishments and pictures before hand. That is a great goal for me!

    I am going to have a crop for National Scrapbooking Month. Most of my customers are card makers though, so we'll see how it goes. I'm having a hard time deciding on the layout though. I want it neutral for everyone, not to girly or flowery. Crusin' maybe. Still working on that part of it.

    My top 3 products were: paper packets, stamps and inks. Stamps are easy to upsell for blocks and inks and scrubber/cleaner. Paper Packets are great to upsell coordinating embellishments.

    I called all my customers the first/second week so I don't have really any more calls to make. Happens when you don't have many customers. :) I did work with a potential recruit this week, but she ended up not wanting to go ahead with signing up.

  2. Me too, Jessica! I was really hard to stay focused this week...


    My 3 commons sales & up sells are:
    1. WOTG - I've been focusing on doing the bonus project, so I've been up selling whatever base that goes with the workshop we're doing (die cut cards, mini banner, board book, etc)
    2. Stamps - ink pads
    3. Level 2 paper - coordinating ribbon/sparkles

    I'm working on planning a crop with other team members :)

    The rest of my responses are on fb.