Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Artwork Shared by Carla

As a result of this challenge, the consultants who participated have shared some inspiring artwork.  Although I was not able to post it as it came in to me, I am posting it now so you can be inspired as well. 

February Swap Card

Notebook cover

Studio J Layout

Artwork using the spray pen

Display board showing the Spring Idea book paper packets.


  1. Carla - Did you use the 6x6 B&T samples for your board?? That's a great idea! I'm putting that on my supply order :)

  2. Hi, Tracie! Yes, I did! I copied the idea from someone on the Bboards - I cut the samples to 4x4 to make them fit. I got a 36x48 inch foam display board from Staples for $12 as well. I guess the other consultant used one from Walmart (but I don't have one near me). Good luck! Oh, and I used 48 point font (Vivaldi) to label the different papers. :)