Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Team Challenge Week Four: Web Wednesday

1/26 - Web Wednesday
Welcome to our last Web Wednesday!

10 pts: Update your MyCTMH website or blog with February SOTM artwork. You can post-date blog posts to appear on the first of the month if you prefer.
Respond: Comment on this post that you have completed the task and whether you promote products in advance (with sneak peeks) or wait until the 1st of the month.

20 pts: Take Training Academy courses to continue working on completing your degree.
Respond: Take 20 points for each course or 100 points if you already have your degree.

30 pts: Did you attend our team meeting last week?
Respond: If so, take 30 points and tell me what you enjoyed most. If you received a recap from a team member, share what was most helpful for you to hear.


  1. Hey Ladies - I need some motivation!!! I only need 210 points to make it to Leavenworth...who's going with me??? :)

  2. I'm trying! I have a lot of old catch up! Hey, how does the Training Acadamy work? If I already have my Bachelor's is it 100 points automatically? Do I get to keep getting points if I do Masters courses? Or do I just get 20 points for each of the Masters classes I take? Hmmm....

  3. I attended our team meeting & enjoyed "making" Michele's swaps while we were there!

  4. I did 3 classes the other day for 60 points. Also I do have my Bachelors already but not sure if that counts for another 100 points??

  5. Hmmm...not sure where my post for #3 went? I did go to Team Time and very much enjoyed trying out the spray pen and getting over my "fear" of using it by myself.

  6. I took 3 training courses today; and have decided that getting my Bachelor's Degree will be my goal for the year!

    Hope you get to go to Leavenworth, Carla!