Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week Three: Think Ahead Thursday

Okay, it's time once again to put on our thinking caps! It's Think Ahead Thursday!

10 pts: Create a new contact packet. Prepare a cover letter introducing them to the Idea Book, your upcoming workshops, clubs, crops, etc. Be sure to include flyers with ongoing or upcoming specials. Always include information regarding the hostess and consultant opportunites.   These are great to have on hand, in your car, desk at work, and purse so you have something to show someone when the conversation comes up. 
Respond: Respond with a comment to this post - how many did you prepare? What did you include in your packet?

20 pts: Create a class plan to teach Studio J. Use your notes to prepare an outline for a presentation to your customers.
Respond: Does your outline require more than one class or would you teach it in one sitting?

30 pts: Make a list of everyone who has expressed an interest in being a consultant or you think would make a great consultant. 
Respond: How many are on your list?

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