Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Results! I am overwhelmed and impressed!

Hey everyone,

I just have to say, this week has been amazing to me!  I am so thankful for those of you who have taken on this challenge and spurred me on to try and keep up with you!  I had no idea how you would respond when I began this, especially when I pulled it out of the hat pretty quickly.  But, I am doing this with two other consultants who have larger teams than I do and they have been so inspiring and motivating.

I appreciate all your questions, responses, and feelings that you have shared.  I know that some of you are overwhelmed but have taken the challenge and others have not been able to take on the challenge at this time.  Here's what I love about CTMH:  you are an independent consultant and you can work your business into your life.  What comes first to you is important....and it probably isn't your CTMH business.  I applaud you for recognizing your priorities, abilities, and deciding if you can do this now.  Know, I am here to support you in the coming weeks and I am looking forward to a scrapbooking weekend away with those who reach 1000 points. 

And now for some honesty from me...the last time I worked this hard for one continuous week was the May of 2006 when I began in earnest to earn the Mediterranean cruise.  Let me tell was hard, it required persistence and consistency but IT PAID OFF!  I earned that cruise and Jeff and I spent our 20th anniversary on board!  Your work will pay off! 

Now for the results for the week:

Tracie Cassidy earned 270 points 

Carla Pizzaro earned 350 points

Cindy Newell earned 305 points

Jessica Booth earned 155 points

Our highest point winner for this week is Carla!  I will be in touch via email to get you your reward.  And for those who particpated, your card is in the mail!

Have a great, successful, and productive week!