Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week Three: Super Saturday

Or is this the beginning of Week Four.  I am starting to lose track of the days but know that whatever day it is...I am making progress!
10 pts.  Schedule Studio J class dates
Respond:  Post on the blog when your classes are or send me an invite to the class.
20 pts.  Contact & invite customer to New Idea Book event and/or Studio J class.  I know, calling customers can be hard…but the more you do it, the more consistent you are, the easier it is.  (Of course I am talking to myself here!)
Respond:  Post on the blog how many people did you contact?  Take 20 points for each.
30 pts.  Contact & invite hostesses to schedule gathering in January, February, or March.  This can include hosting a workshop as well.
Respond:  Post on the blog how many people did you contact?  Take 30 points for each.
40 pts.   CTMH notebook:  This is the notebook you created last week.  Take a look through the book and make any changes or updates to the areas of the book to keep it working for you.  Now start using it.  Make sure you have added all your events to the calendar and any new family events that have come up.
Start keeping track of your contacts and important information that you need to remember from conversations. 
Respond:  Post a comment on the blog about the changes you have made in your notebook and list the entries you have made.  How are you using your notebook?
50 pts.  Create an Operation Smile, Recruiting or Hostess display board.  An information board is a great resource to use during your events.  The help to give customers and perspective recruits a concise source of information and opportunity to ask more questions.  Use information from the training academy, operation smile tab and other resources from the online office to help you make your board.
Respond:  Take a photo of your board and with your permission, I will post it on the blog. 


  1. I've created my notebook (I emailed you photos, Michele)! It feels great to be so organized :) I re-purposed a card organizer that someone gave me & I never used! I added a few extra tabs for "team meetings/goals" and "workshops". It has these great pockets that I filled with flyers, business cards & my calendars. I plan to start dragging it everywhere I go.

    Also, working on a board which I sent a photo of too. But since I only have the wings paper, I'll keep adding projects to it as I complete them.

  2. I am enjoying my binder and as Tracie said, it is making me feel so organized. I added info that customers may like - such as copies of the block dimensions and the checklist for all the different colored papers, inks, etc.