Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Saturday Team Challenge: Day 7

Well it has been the first week of the challenge.  How are you doing?  I hope you feel energized and successful!  Now that you have the ball rolling, keep it going and don't forget to email me your point total by tonight at midnight.  I will post this week's winner and get those cards sent out to you who are playing along! 

10 pts.     Create a Spring/Summer Idea Book wish list shopping plan.  When I first look through a new idea book, I want it all!  But I know that we can't have it all.  Take some time to look at your next couple of months and plan out what items will help support the events you have on your calendar. 
Respond:  Post on the team blog one of your "must haves" from the new idea book. 

20 pts.  each   Contact & invite customer to New Idea Book event.  I recommend phoning people on your invite list.  I find that if they are not home, I will leave a message like the following:  "You are invited to my _____event.  I have sent you an email on _________ date.  Take a look at all the fun we are going to have and let me know if you and a friend will join us."
Respond:  How many people did you phone?  How many did you actually talk to?  How many are planning to attend. 

30 pts.  Contact & invite hostesses to schedule gathering in January or February.  I use a similar message as above, with an email listing the next couple of dates I have available.  Then you will probably still have to follow up with another phone call.  Maybe in the email you can ask for the best time to call.
Respond:  How many people did you phone?  What are the dates you have set with a hostess?

40 pts.   Plan gathering/classes/workshops for February – July  Combine this with your shopping list and you will be working smarter...not harder!  Think about the holidays coming up and schedule workshops or events with projects that will coordinate. 
Respond:  What is the date of your workshop in April, May or June?

50 pts.    Set goals for first quarter 2011 (January-March).  Option one:  Watch  Setting and Achieving your Goals in the training academy, 101 Personal development course, print out and complete worksheets that go with the training.   SMART Goals worksheet  and/or 
Setting and Achieving Your Goals Worksheet
Option two:  What is your why in the 101 business courses.  Complete the activity suggested Then get specific and write down your why. 

Respond:  Share one of your goals on the team blog and the actions to plan to take early on toward achieving that goal or share your "why" in one or two sentences. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Remember Sunday is "family" day so no new challenges will be posted.  Enjoy your weekend. 



  1. 1. I really love the Kraft Color Ready Borders. That is first on my wish list. Along with the awesome pink paper packets.

  2. #1 - Sweetheart WOTG

    #2 - 4/2, 5/15, 6/11