Friday, January 14, 2011

Team Challenge Day 12: Follow up Friday

Time to follow-up and continue building on the strong foundation you are establishing in your businesses! I'm so proud of you! This is actually WORK, isn't it? You'll find that those who actually WORK their businesses will be successful. So "here's to you"  and your successes!
10 pts: Continue to personally contact and invite customers to your New Idea Book Event.
Respond: Comment on this post with how many you actually made contact with. Do you think they were flattered that you personally reached out to them?

20 pts: Continue to contact and invite hostesses to schedule a gathering in January or February.
Respond: What are you offering your hostesses as gifts or incentives to book a gathering during these months? Keep in mind that we usually have an incentive in the month the Idea Book is released. Keep your eyes out for the latest corp updates.
30 pts: Contact someone (or ones) who has mentioned they might be interested in being a consultant or you would like to reach out to with the opportunity.  Invite them to our Team Time on January 18th. 
Respond: List your contacts and who's coming.  Take 30 points for each contact that you have talked with!

1 comment:

  1. #1--I started talking to more of my employees about it and one didn't know I did "scrapbooking". I made sure to friend her on facebook that same night so she could see the event I was telling her about. I also answered some of her questions about scrapbooking.

    #2--I am offering my hostess a special emergency card pack (a way for me to "give" away all those great swap cards I have). I will also be promoting any specials we might have.

    #3--I have been talking to another one of my employees, Stefani, about becoming a consultant. I know she is mostly interested in it for the kit more than anything else. Not sure if she can attend the meeting on Tuesday!