Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Team Challenge Week Two: Training Tuesday Week

Training Tuesday January, 11th

Hey it is 1.11.11!  Gonna be a great day!  Just for fun we will add a one to your points today! 
11 points:
Select and watch any consultant video.  There are many talented consultants out there who do UStream and YouTube videos.  Some of my personal favorite are Tresa Black and Aaron Booth. 
Respond:  Post on the blog what you watched and the link so we can watch it too!
21 Points:
Select and watch any Training Academy course.  Have you started working on a degree in the training academy?   Many of the videos are less than 15 minutes.  Pick one that is relevant to your goal for this challenge month and watch it.
Respond:  Post on the team blog, what video you watched and what you learned to boost you towards your goal.
31 points:
Listen to the Listening Library “Gathering Authenticity” by Louise Moyer and/or “Handle Objections with Confidence and Grace” by Mary Christensen.
Respond:  Post on the team blog your “take away message” from the one you listened to. 


  1. I watched the Cardmaking 201 class today. It has been updated and gives a great overview of the Wishes book and great selling points as well. Take a look in the training academy.

  2. I watched how to do a pinwheel technique. Lots of fun.


  3. I watched Profitable Activities in the training academy. It talked about setting a point goal and then tracking your points for activities that are activities that produce income.

    I listened to Gathering Authenticity. I took away finding that light bulb moment to have for your gatherings. It's all about finding what fits your personality.

  4. I watched four folding techniques, including the knife pleat (which I used on my card for Monday), box pleat, and accordian rosette. The rosette is really cool. I wanted to use the box pleat on my card but I haven't quite mastered the technique yet.