Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday is here!

Alright, it's Think Ahead Thursday! Have you got your thinking caps on? Here we go....

10 pts: Create a product ordering Wish List from the Sping/Summer Idea Book. What I like to do is mark all of the items I think I will use in my business for workshops, etc, then go back and prioritize my list. That way you can spread your purchases over a few months if necessary. Don't forget to add in Door Prizes for your New Idea Book Event, club gifts, incentive gifts, etc.
Respond: Comment on the team blog the retail total of your entire Wish List! What is the 22% Commission on that total?  What can you get for free if you are a hostess?

20 pts: Inventory your gathering/hostess/recruiting/business supplies and make a supply order. Be sure to check the Master Supply list for updated items, prices, and item numbers.  If you want to see a copy of the following brochures before you order them, set up an EZ invite and you will be directed toward a page where you can "preview" these items.  I even saved a copy on my computer so I could print one at home. 
Respond: Comment on the team blog whether you ordered the "You are Welcome Here" and "The Rewards Come Now" brochures to give to hostesses and potential recruits.

30 pts: Make a list of all previous or potential hostesses
Respond: Comment on the team blog how many are on your list!

Friday is a comin' and almost the end of hopefully a very productive week! 


  1. My wishlist came to $134.50 ($29.50 commission) -will probably add another item so I can get hostess rewards!

  2. My wishlist retail is $313.65 ($69 commision). Hey big spender! This list has not been prioritized yet. :) If I were hostess, would get a free SOTM, $40 in free product, and 1 50% off item.