Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday team challenge!

Today is Web Wednesday! Read the challenges below and be sure to respond accordingly! Isn't this fun?

10 pts: Become a follower on the team blog here (include link to blog) if you aren't already, then post a comment about one of the challengest this week!
Respond: This will be verified on blog.

20 pts: Update your MyCTMH website or blog with details about your New Idea Book Event. If you are on Facebook, set up the event to invite your FB friends. If you are on Twitter, tweet about your upcoming event with a link to your website or blog post.
Respond: Email me a link to your blog post or website and include me in your FB event and/or tweet.

30 pts: Listen to the Listening Library "Goal Setting" by Naomi Smith and/or "Create a Booking Bonanza".
Respond: Comment on team blog your number one goal for the year and/or an idea you plan to implement from one of these calls. 

Thanks for sharing. 


  1. #1--did it!!

    #2--Set up FB invite. Website as well

  2. #3--I want to really USE not just create an intentional calendar.

  3. #1- I am following you!

    #2 - Posted to my blog and emailed you

  4. #3 - Set a goal of how much I want to make per month with a specific dollar amount.