Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training Tuesday: Team Challenge Day 3

Welcome to Tuesday Training.  I hope you are enjoying this challenge and that taking these baby steps is helping you to become inspired and excited about your creativity and success! 

5 pts:    Read Naomi's Connected Hearts Blog from Tuesday December 28th.
  Respond:    Comment on the blog a goal that you would like to start, "x" off each week and create a chain?  

10 pts:  Watch the December 21st Art & Soul
  Respond:    Comment on the blog one technique featured in the Art & Soul episode that you will try this month.

20 pts:  Watch the instant info on “Inspirations” on the CTMH website.  Decide what your goal will be for the month of January "Inspirations".  Can be creative, sales, club oriented.  Be realistic and honest with yourself but also push yourself just a bit. 
  Respond:  Comment on the blog the "key" product that unlocks the special pricing for the Inspiration Products and your goal for "Inspirations".   

      30 pts:  Listen to the Listening Library “Envisioning Success” by Martha Stanley
           and/or “People Smarts for Higher Sales” by Cindy Sakai
         Respond:  Comment on the blog an idea that you want to implement from one of these calls. 

Looking forward to hearing about your challenge results.



  1. #1--my goal is to work on my CTMH business at least 2 days a week. I think I am going to try for Tuesday and Sunday.

    #2--I would like to work on stamping on the clear pages of the mix and mingle album and stamping onto buttons!

    #3--The WOTG is great. I love the idea of this unlocking the special savings. I want to get my customers introduced to WOTG and having them purchase them!

    #4--I really liked the idea of changing the way of thinking to expectations rather than goals. It seems to create a bit more excitement and make what you expect to be more tangible, faster.

  2. I am looking forward to trying the liquid glass resist. Another use for this amazing product!

  3. I am very excited about inspirations and selling the workshop on the go. I am hoping that with this campaign, I can sign up 5 people for my club starting in January!

  4. I read Naomi's blog...and I must admit this week has been extremely overwhelming for me :( I could not keep up with the daily challenge emails, so I decided to just save them for the weekend & tackle what I could today. Having another full time job, there just aren't enough hours! I WISH I could devote more time to crossing something off daily, but it just isn't realistic. I feel like I never have enough creative time & am always rushing to finish items in time for my workshops. So I'm going to try to cross off a weekly goal of doing at least ONE creative project/card/item each Wed evening. Thanks for taking this on, Michele! I cannot imagine the amount of time it took to coordinate everything :)

  5. #1--My goal is to be creative at least twice a month and post examples of my creativity on my blog by the end of the month.

    #2--I would of course like to try the liquid glass resist, as well as, the fan folding example - just need to locate instructions. :)

    #3--I just received my Wings WOTG, January SOTM, as well as the 4 different items from Inspirations. I would like to create several samples to show customers at my Idea Book preview.

    #4--I would like to figure out what my expectations are for my CTMH business - whether I want to push it beyond the hobby level. From there, I will determine my strategies.