Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week Four: Think ahead Thursday

Think Ahead Thursday 
Time to start thinking ahead....

10 pts: Print Constant Campaign flyer for the month of February.
Respond: Comment on this post that it is done. Be sure you have enough to distribute to customers, hostesses, club members, etc. Add one to your notebook.

20 pts: Print proposed compensation plan changes - email corporate what you like about the proposal and any recommendations you may have. Having heard first hand the thought process behind each change, I can tell you I'm thrilled about these changes.
Respond: Comment on this post that you have completed it.

30 pts: Create and assemble recruiting packet.
Respond: Comment on this post that you have completed this task.


  1. #1 - Printed and in my notebook!

    #2 - Printed and submitted suggestion thru corporate website. Told them that I am excited for the new compensation plan. It is motivating me to set higher sales goals for myself and I love that I will be getting more product credit!

  2. #3 - Created recruiting packet and tucked it into the back pocket of my binder

  3. I printed the Feb CC flyers.

    And I think I put the compensation response on the wrong day... unfortunately, it really doesn't apply to me currently since I don't have a "team" & don't foresee having one in the near future. It would be too hard for me to manage with my full time job.