Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week Four: Super Saturday

10 pts.  Create a swap card for the February Team Time meeting or Naomi’s meeting in February.  (See Naomi’s blog for details)
Respond:  Email me a photo of your art and with your permission, I will post it on the blog.

20 pts.  Contact & invite customer to New Idea Book event.  If you have already held your event, contact the attendees and follow up with them about their purchases, plans to host, workshops they will attend.
Respond: Post on blog:   How many people did you talk with today?  List the events you have on your calendar as a result of your idea book event or contacts.  Take 20 pts. For each. 

30 pts.  Contact & invite hostesses to schedule gathering in February, March or April.  This would be a great opportunity to call those who could not attend your idea book event and offer to share the new products with them and their friends at a time that works for them. 
Respond:  Post on blog how many people you contacted and events your have scheduled.  Take 30 pts. For each contact. 

40 pts.  Update and edit your CTMH note book.  It is time to take a look at the upcoming constant campaigns and print our new brochures for February.  Make sure you have updated your calendar with your new family commitments and CTMH events.  What days will you be available in April?  Continue to edit your book to work for you.
Respond:  Post on the blog about the changes you have made in your note book and the updates you have made.  How did you use your notebook for your business this past week? 

50 pts.  Create workshop or stamp of the month display board.  This will be a great resource for your upcoming events. 
Respond:  Email me a photo of your board and with your permission, I will post it on the blog. 


  1. #4 - I updated my notebook with the latest flyers and it looks like my April is wide open. I am planning 2 workshops, one with an Easter theme. I decided to add a tab in my binder with current orders in progress so that they are all in one place. I took my CTMH hostess envelope and hole punched it to fit.

    #5 - Display board pic has been emailed. Feel free to share. :) Copied idea from someone on the bulletin boards.

  2. Emailing picture of my swap. :)

  3. I added an April calendar to my notebook; that month is pretty open, except for my monthly club workshop. I'm thinking that would be a good month to host a retreat (since I'm going to miss the March retreat this year). And i've found a great place in Monroe to have it!