Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Saturday Week Two...a little late but still worth points

For some reason, my post for Saturday did not post on my blog but did go out in the emails.  So, I will put it up today...Sunday and you can still work on it this next week for points. 

Saturday, January 15th, Day Super Saturday Day 14
10 Pts.  Print flyers (SOTM, New Consultant Kit, Constant Campaign) and Topical Guide – Consultant Training Resources from corporate website
Respond:  Comment on the blog that you have completed this. 

20 pts.  Contact and invite customers to New Idea Book Event.  If I leave a message, I also follow up with an email and mention that in the message so that they can look for your information. 
Respond:  Comment on the blog.  How many did you speak with?  Take 20 points for each.

30 pts. Contact & invite hostesses to schedule gathering in January, February or March.  Consider your past hostesses…let them know there is a new idea book. 
Respond:  Comment on blog…how many gatherings do you have scheduled?  How many workshops? 

40 pts.  Create Business notebook.  Dana Swadling, director and advisory board member posted this idea for a notebook on the Journey to Director Board.  I think it is a thorough example of the items that you need close at hand.  Give it a try…
"One of the things that I have found to be Very Important in this business is to be organized... Anyone that asks me where to begin - when they want to increase their business / "ramp it up" I start them out with making a Binder / Planner... You don't have to make one, you can use other day planners...But I prefer to advertise my business & I take my binder everywhere :)
You will need a 1 inch binder, with clear pockets on the front and back...
1.Decorate the front cover with CTMH papers - putting "Close to my Heart" as your title - like a scrapbook page.... What follows is in the inside in number Order...
2. Put in an empty 8x11 sheet protector - use for constant campaign flyers
3. File folder with a tab that says: business / project ideas
4. Some lined paper (for taking notes of any kind)
5. File folder with a tab that says: Calendars
6. Calendars - printed by month a whole years worth... (Leave the back of each sheet blank)
7. An entire 2011 year calendar printed on one page - on colored paper
8. File folder with a tab that says: Contacts
9. "Print several copies of the JTD Customer Log
10.  File folder with a tab that says: Downline
11. Copy (print out) your downline report from the CTMH website (under downline) - with their name, address, phone, email & up line (do the same- all levels)
11. Print out from the Consultant Manual (Compensation Plan) "the page titled Leadership Levels" - it shows each level from consultant to Presidential Director...
12.Print out from the Consultant Manual (Compensation Plan) "the page titled Downline Override Commissions" - shows Commissions & jr consultant info-
In the front cover, inside the pocket (if it has one) put your club/workshop/retreat flyers / sign up sheets, etc...
In the back cover, inside the pocket put all of your family calendars (I put all of my kids school/sport schedules)
Respond:  Comment if you have your notebook started.  Email me a photo of your cover and I will post it with your permission. 
50 pts:  Fill the notebook with the appropriate forms behind each tab.  Look for forms in the training academy, online office, and/or create your own.  Make them work for you!  If they don’t, you won’t use them.   This will be an invaluable tool if you use it! (Some of you have done a notebook of this sort.  Use this challenge to evaluate how it has worked/not worked for you.  Alter the items to work for you. )
Respond:  Comment on blog that you have filled your notebook and your ideas for using it and keeping it up to date.

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  1. #1 - I did print these out and I put it in my new CTMH binder.

    #2 - Contacted 2 customers that I was pretty sure would be interested in coming to my preview party - I had not received an RSVP yet from them.

    #4 - I have my binder and will email a picture of the little netbook is pooping out so I may have to do it in the morning. :)

    #5 - Notebook is filled and I am planning to refresh it at least once a month with new SOTM flyers and other Constant Campaigns.