Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Team Challenge Week Two: Web Wednesday

How's everyone doing? Are we having fun yet? Power-up your browsers girls, it's Web Wednesday!

10 pts: Last week you emailed your New Idea Book event, posted it on your blog, and set up a FB invite. Today update your blog or FB with a sneak peek photo of your make 'n take project or a sneak peak (portion of the photo) to build anticipation. We don't want to reveal too much - the point is to build anticipation and curiosity.
Respond: Comment on this post with the link to your update.

20 pts: Find a new gathering game. You can search the internet or check out the Resource Library in the Training Academy for some great ideas!
Respond: Comment on this post with your all time favorite game, then tell us what NEW gathering game you chose.

30 pts: Update your MyCTMH Calendar with January and February classes, workshops, new idea book events, crops, SOTM, Inspirations, etc. (include photos if you have them now - otherwise add them as soon as those projects are complete - PRIOR to the event).

Respond: Leave a comment on this post with your website addy for all of us to check out!


  1. My website calendar is up to date! Yeah!

  2. I posted a partial picture of the new idea book on my Wings Workshop Event page on facebook.

    I found a clothespin game that I would like to try. I might use it at a workshop to create more excitement.
    I added some more to my just need to have the art work to go with it.

  3. I found a new game on the Bulletin Boards; it's called Pass the Gift, if you want to look it up. Sounds similar to the Left/Right game, but a cute poem instead. I'll post the first few so you get the idea...
    Pass the Gift; you could give a 1 x 1 block or a stamp from the incentive stamp set (or card from your swaps if you have them);

    Here is the poem that goes with the game. HTH

    1. Take this gift and with out a sigh look around
    and give it to a person with brown eyes.

    2.Yes, you are the lucky one for a moment, but let us all share
    in the fun! Please look around with eyes discreet
    and give it to the one with the smallest feet.

    3. Your feet are tiny and very small, now hand it to
    someone very tall.

    I updated my FB event & MyCTMH calendar/website

  4. I updated my CTMH calendar.

    Not sure why my picture for my puddle pad workshop is blurry. I will try resizing for the fifth time!